McCormick Racing, Inc.

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Welcome To Our Humble Abode.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are McCormick Racing, Inc. of Habit, Kentucky. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that places faith in our employees for they are the source of our wisdom and excellence. Utilizing our 30+ years of experience in marine racing and design we fully intend to uphold all honors and traditions set forth by the bodies governing our sport.

Team Excalibur

We proudly wear the title of Team Excalibur out of pride and respect for the late Jim McCormick, Hydroplane Legend and Pilot Extrordinaire. God bless his soul and Long live his dream.

Quo fas et Gloria Ducunt.

The Current Object of Our Obsession

Our current pride & joy is a 28 1/2 foot hull that we have tucked away at Ye Olde Boat Shoppe. Still a work in progress, after a long haul we are administering the final touches at last. Alas that she won't turn heads because the drivers will be looking straight ahead at the back of our ship as we cross the finish line. :)

FOR SALE: Vintage 1929 Outboard Hydroplane:

Restored for and featured in the movie "Madison". Contact info on our websites CONTACT page.