The Team

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Michael Ford McCormick, 46, is a native of Habit, Kentucky. Mike's list of qualifications is truly unique. Having grown up in the world of professional powerboat racing with his father Unlimited Hydroplane Legend "Gentleman" Jim McCormick, his insight and experience make him one of the worlds' leading experts in Marine racing and nautical design not to mention one of the most aggressive and competitive drivers on the circuit.
At an early age Mike was immersed in the world of hydroplanes and quite frankly, never came up! As a child he was educated and schooled in the nautical arts by the greatest drivers and mechanics in the world, many of which remain dear friends and valuable contacts. As he grew older he became an increasingly valuable member on all of his father's Unlimited Hydroplane crews.
He became so successful that in 1988 he was promoted to Crew Chief of the Unlimited Hydroplane U-4 Miss Pocket Savers Plus. This banner year led to Steve David, Unlimited Hydroplane Champion and former President of the American Power Boat Association, receiving the coveted Rookie of the Year Award.
It was then that Mike started branched out on his own and has never stopped in his bid to race professionally. For over a decade he has consistently raced in the APBA 5.0 liter Class where he has gained the admiration and respect of his peers.
Currently, work is being completed on Mike's newest acquisition, a 28-½ foot experimental hull that can be raced in either the Unlimited or the Unlimited Light category.

Team Manager / Driver / Pilot

Jack Holland Hinton, 45, is truly the glue that binds Team Excalibur. Lifelong friend to the McCormick Clan, he is the closest thing to a brother that Mike has. He is also the godfather of Jim's only grandson, James (Jake). Despite the glaring nepotism, it is Jack's technical and engineering savy that has brought Team Excalibur into the 21st century. From the latest in nautical and aviation engineering, to cutting edge computer innovations in marine racing, Jack is always trying to shave weight off the ship to add his next play toy. Never willing to call it a day, he is the Keeper of the Flame, Herald of the Code of Coduct, he is in fact.....BatJack. Too bad for the ladies that he is married, like hydrogen is to oxygen in water.... :) Ever on the cutting edge, Jack is also owner of Fail-Safe Home Inspections, one of Kentucky's finest Home Inspection firms.


Steve Reynolds, age unknown, single, is our catch of the Century. He's not really as good looking as Yoda but he sure knows a lot more. Steve has been the best at EVERYTHING HE HAS EVER RACED. Truly, EVERYTHING HE HAS RACED. He is the light with which we see. His is the wisdom we follow. He is one hellofa fine guy and a damn nice person to boot.
Thanks for coming on board Steve, let the good times roll.

Our thanx goes out to Pete, Bob, Jeff, Mike, James, Jake, the rest of the best crew on any circut, the City of Madison, Indiana, and the tons of fans that make racing fun.